Gable end before restoration

Gable end after restoration

Wall has been repointed and ugly brick repair has been replaced with stone

Render removed from gable end

Wall being repointed...
Wall being repointed

Patio, retaining wall and garden steps


We build, repair and restore stonework, both indoors and outside.


What we do

Much of our work is restoring existing stonework. As well as making a building look unsightly and neglected, poorly maintained stonework can result in damp finding its way through to the inside of the building.

Why restoration is needed

Buildings made of natural materials eventually show signs of ageing:
• Sandstone breaks up and wears away
• The material holding stones together gradually disintegrates and falls out
• Patches of old mortar and render trap water and cause the stone behind them to erode

How we restore stonework

It is important that restoration of stone walls is undertaken by a professional. Done properly, it can transform the appearance of a building and will last for many years. Without the correct tools and materials, DIY solutions can make matters worse.

Restoration involves:

    • Removing old mortar and render
    • Cutting out and replacing badly eroded stones
    • Repointing (filling in the gaps) with a specialist lime mortar mix which will:
      1. Complement the colour of the stones
      2. Blend in with the rest of the structure
      3. Make the stonework strong and durable
      4. Allow the wall to ‘breathe’, preventing damaging moisture from being trapped.

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We build walls out of:

• Whinstone (also known as field stone) which is very hard, and comes in differing sizes and irregular shapes
• Sandstone, a softer stone which produces a more ‘linear’ pattern and can be cut to your requirements
• A mix of these materials.

A well-built garden wall isn’t just a boundary. It makes an attractive feature that can complement your house and garden.

We will help you choose the materials, style and size of your wall, taking into account factors such as your house’s style and your garden’s existing features, as well as your personal tastes.

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